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BeeVirol - Dulcofruct - 1 L

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Beevirol is the result of research made by veterinary doctors that certified this product through an invention patent, which was tested in over 30.000 bee families. The product has antibacterial effect, being the only product certified for this usage.

The BeeVirol product is very effective in fighting against American and European Foulbrood stopping the developing of Penibacillus, eliminating the stress for bees, increasing the hygiene of the colony, raising vitality and the clinical state of the bees.

Contains: Quaternary amino benzyl, excipients (maltol, propolis, cobalt chloride solution, distilled water).

How to use:                                         

Spraying it uniformly on the body of the bees and brood 150-250ml, 1to2 applications 3 days, before the start of the active harvesting and after the season ends;

Mix it with syrup 150-250ml/1kg syrup;

Any times when the bee colonies have week stamina.


Prevents the appearance of the American and European Latch by stopping bacteria from the colonies, fights the virus of deformed wings and the virus of the wings in the bag;

Stimulates queen’s laying;

Increases the general state of hygiene;

Increases honey production by 30-40%;

Maintains the work rhythm of bees;

Eliminates pathogenic bacteria from the hive environment and the bee microbiome.


More information and how to use at this link: